The Best Dog Training Clickers

Training your dog to react to commands quickly and reliably can be a challenge, but some people find it easier using dog training clickers. When your dog follows a command correctly you click to mark the behavior and give a reward. It’s usually quicker to click, rather than saying “yes” or “good,” because you don’t… Read More

The Best Senior Dog Food

As dogs get older, you may find their current diet no longer suits them well, in which case, it could be time to switch to a senior dog food. As older dogs tend to put on weight more easily, senior dog foods are lower in calories than regular adult dog foods. They also have high… Read More

The Best Healthy Treats

Dogs love treats and they’re excellent rewards for good behavior, but too many could cause your dog to put on weight, plus some treats simply don’t contain quality ingredients. This is where healthy treats come in. These healthy dog treats may be low in calories, be made from organic ingredients, or contain natural ingredients only…. Read More

SEO title preview:The Best Organic CBD Oil for Dogs

If you’re interested in CBD oil for dogs because it’s an effective natural product, it stands to reason that you may be concerned about the presence of pesticides in the hemp used to make it. By choosing an organic CBD oil for dogs, you’re opting to avoid introducing more pesticides into your dog’s diet. Some… Read More

The Best CBD Dog Treats

You may have heard of CBD and all its benefits, from reducing pain and inflammation in arthritic dogs to calming anxious dogs, but are still unsure where to start. CBD dog treats are a great intro to CBD products for dogs as the dosages are carefully measured out with little room for error and administering… Read More

The Best Indestructible Dog Beds

If you routinely come home to find your dog’s bed is nothing but fluff and shreds of material, it’s time to look for an indestructible dog bed. Your dog might try to chew everything in sight, but she still deserves a comfortable bed to sleep on. As any owner of a destructive chewer will know, the… Read More

The Best Dog Nail Grinders

An important part of your dog’s grooming routine is keeping her nails short, but not all dogs tolerate nail clippers and some owners are concerned about doing it wrong or nicking the quick and causing pain. Dog nail grinders are an excellent alternative to nail clippers. They gradually grind the nail down, a bit like… Read More

The Best Indestructible Dog Toys

All dogs should have toys to play with, but when your four-legged friend destroys any toy you buy within minutes, you may feel like it’s futile. Opt for indestructible dog toys, however, and they’ll last your canine companion far longer. Of course, no dog toy is truly indestructible, but we have some options that will… Read More