The Best Electronic Dog Doors

Letting your pooch out to enjoy some fresh air in the yard or do their business is a convenience for many dog owners. While it can be a hassle to get up and down, or wait by the door when your pup asks to go in and out throughout the day, an electronic dog door… Read More

The Best Joint Supplements for Dogs

Whether your dog is young or old, you probably think about their health and how to best help them live a pain-free life doing the activities they love. A joint supplement can help with joint issues such as arthritis, hip conditions, and general joint pain no matter your pet’s age, breed, or size. Finding the… Read More

The Best Robot Vacuums for Dog Hair

If you’re the pet parent of a dog, you’ll know that shedding can be a messy problem. All dogs with hair shed to some extent, although double-coated dogs tend to shed the most. And while shedding occurs year round, it can be particularly heavy during spring and fall. Robot vacuums for dog hair provide a… Read More

People use hot water bottles and heating pads for lots of reasons. They provide comfort, keep us cozy, and help to ease pain and discomfort from injuries, cramps or chronic conditions. Well, your dog is no different! We all want our pets to be as comfortable as possible, and a warm bed goes a long… Read More

The Best Automatic Dog Feeders

No matter how much we love our dogs, we can’t always be there for them. In between work, running errands, and socializing, finding the time to feed our furry friends at set times isn’t easy—and that’s bound to cause problems in the long run. Dogs are creatures of habit and therefore thrive on a regular… Read More

The Best Dog Wheelchairs

Whether our dogs are younger or older, keeping our furry family members mobile is important to many of us. It can be difficult for a dog to have quality of life when he can’t move around much. Dog wheelchairs offer your pooch the opportunity to keep walking, running, and enjoying life. With improved mobility, dogs… Read More

The Best Dog Anxiety Medication

Just like people, dogs can experience anxiety and for a variety of different reasons. Common causes for anxiety in dogs include separation, trips to the vet, strangers, or loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. Some dogs are just prone to anxiety without particular triggers, though older dogs, ill dogs, and dogs of certain breeds may… Read More

The Best Dog Grooming Tables

Whether you need to fluff and primp for competition or give your dog a wash and cut to keep him cool, a grooming table puts your dog at an accessible height that saves your back and keeps your dog secure. With a grooming table, you don’t need to stoop, kneel, or lie on the floor… Read More

The Best Glucosamine for Dogs

One of the more difficult aspects of dog ownership is bearing witness to the aging process. Dogs, like humans, have joints that can wear down over time making mobility painful and challenging. Fortunately there are some helpful options. One common remedy is a glucosamine supplement. Glucosamine is a natural compound that aids in pain relief… Read More

The Best Canned Dog Foods

As dog owners, we want to make sure that we’re giving our dogs the best, especially when it comes to something as important as their diet. Canned dog food is one way to enrich your dogs’ diet with extra protein, moisture, and nutrients, but there are tons of canned dog foods out there and each… Read More